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 Yoda: british bulldog X staffy

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Yoda: british bulldog X staffy Empty
PostSubject: Yoda: british bulldog X staffy   Yoda: british bulldog X staffy EmptyMon Nov 29, 2010 11:27 pm

Posted on behalf of Friends of the animals RCT

Name: Yoda
Age: 1 year old
Breed: british bulldog X staffy
Can I live with children: Older Children only
Can I live with cats: no
Can I live with other dogs: larger dogs only
Fostered In: Redditch
Other Information

Yoda came into rescue about a year ago as an 8 week old . He and his brother were handed in Xmas eve to be PTS as they were unsold out of a litter,

He was adopted and went to a fabulous home with other dogs, cats and children.

Sadly he has had to be returned to us and is looking for a new home. He is back with Debbie, his origional fosterer and has settled right back in. Debbie will be along with some up to date information and photos.

Yoda is a very friendly and sociable boy and is good with other dogs and children. He is now a very big boy and sadly due to a tragic accident with a smaller dog, he will not be rehomed with smaller dogs, cats or young children.

Yoda is a fabulous boy and we hope he will be in a forever home as soon as possible and all snuggled up in time for Xmas. christmas dog
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Posts : 38
Join date : 2010-10-05

Yoda: british bulldog X staffy Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yoda: british bulldog X staffy   Yoda: british bulldog X staffy EmptyThu Dec 09, 2010 11:42 pm

Here are pics, as requested. This stunning boy refused to sit still, so I will attempt to get some better pics later, when I will also update everyone on how he's doing
Yoda: british bulldog X staffy Yoda210
Yoda: british bulldog X staffy Yoda10
Yoda has been back with me for a few weeks now, and apart from the fact he has got a lot bigger, he is just a cheeky as he was as a pup. Yoda is a very happy-go-lucky dog, loves to play and also loves to open doors, cupboards and most recently, my fridge. However, he is so damn cute, it is so hard to tell him off because a) he gives you one of those cute faces and b) he will then roll over onto his back and beg forgiveness - hard to tell a dog off when you are having giggling fits He is very sociable, and loves the company of both dogs and people - the more attention the better for this stunning boy - and he really is one of the most handsome dogs I have ever had through, but he is HEAVY - between 24 and 30 kilos at a guess - so bear this in mind if you apply to adopt him. Yoda is house trained, crate trained and has excellent manners when his bulldog arrogance will allow.
Yoda: british bulldog X staffy Snowyy10
Got this pic of Yoda playing in the snow - you can guage his size a bit better. He has a big, thick British Bulldog chunky body on Staffy legs with a Staffy tail and a Staffy head. Adorable. heats

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Yoda: british bulldog X staffy
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