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 Janu, Parsons type JRT

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Janu, Parsons type JRT Empty
PostSubject: Janu, Parsons type JRT   Janu, Parsons type JRT EmptyWed Jan 19, 2011 10:04 pm

Posted on behalf of Friends of the animals RCT

Name: Janu
Age: Young Adult
Breed: Parsons type, semi rough coated JRT
Can I live with Children: older
Can I live with cats: no
Can I live with other dogs: yes
Fostered In: South Wales

Other Information:

Janu came in from a pound. He was picked up in an area where there are travellers and it is thought he may have come from there. He is excellent with other dogs but would chase cats and small furries.

He is good on the lead and travels well in the van. He is agile and will climb on to window ledges given the chance. He loves his food and can be a little guardie with his dish.

Janu has been castrated, had his first vac and been microchiped.

Janu, Parsons type JRT Babies10

Debbie xx
Janu, Parsons type JRT Zeusmo10
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Janu, Parsons type JRT
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