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 MACE another special lad

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PostSubject: MACE another special lad   MACE another special lad EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 5:45 am

Posted on behalf of Friends of the animals RCT

Name: MACE
Age: 9yrs
Breed: Heinz 57
Can I live with Children: yes
Can I live with cats: yes
Can I live with other dogs: ?
Fostered In: S.Wales

Other Information:

Mace came to us last year from a pound, where he was due to be put to sleep.
he had eye problems also,for his left eye it wasn't possible to do anything.
But his right eye has had a cataract removed, he wasn't able to have a lens fitted, so he is long sighted, but he enjoys the world around him now.

MACE another special lad Mace7-10

he is lovely friendly lad who loves to snuggle up in bed at night, he doesn't mind being left while his fosterer is out for a while each day.
he loves his walks and is a loyal and true friend.

Mace will need eye drops at a cost of about £18 for the rest of his life, to keep the pressure from rising in his eye, thus preventing him losing his sight again.
he will also need to keep up his appointments with his favourite vet Uncle John, who restored his sight for him.

Debbie xx
MACE another special lad Zeusmo10
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MACE another special lad
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